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Table 3 differentially expressed genes of hsa- mir-30a-5p in ovarian cancer tissues and normal ovarian tissues in GSE18520 dataset (Top 10)

From: Bioinformatics analysis of prognostic value and prospective pathway signal of miR-30a in ovarian cancer

DEG logFC P.Value adj.P.Val
up-regulated genes
 GLDC 3.879464906 9.08E-12 6.62E-11
 MAL 4.080880545 4.09E-08 1.59E-07
 PRSS21 2.700693431 1.47E-11 1.04E-10
 GRHL2 2.41672613 1.49E-27 3.11E-25
 CTHRC1 2.333368517 1.48E-04 3.27E-04
 EYA2 2.253746336 1.92E-05 4.86E-05
 SOX9 2.077258364 0.000000019 7.85E-08
 E2F7 1.961647476 5.66E-15 7.90E-14
 KIAA0101 1.916963173 4.12E-15 5.93E-14
 SBK1 1.887544551 6.62E-12 4.95E-11
down-regulated genes
 GFPT2 −3.731162519 4.91E-26 7.51E-24
 ADAMTS3 −3.417352741 4.99E-12 3.83E-11
 WNT5A −3.0965058 1.44E-08 6.06E-08
 HLF −2.953607331 1.97E-30 7.46E-28
 DPYSL2 −2.904638189 1.50E-07 5.35E-07
 NR3C2 −2.607594668 7.07E-13 6.35E-12
 ADRA2A −2.557257353 1.78E-13 1.83E-12
 TCF21 −2.488576443 2.04E-22 1.27E-20
 ABI3BP −2.261098823 4.93E-20 1.92E-18
 POLI −2.238370149 2.41E-16 4.43E-15