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Table 1 Clinical features

From: Primitive ovarian carcinosarcoma: a clinical and radiological analysis of five cases

No./Age Symptom Laboratory data Treatment FIGO Follow up
FD (month) Recurrence Result
1/43 Asymptomatic CA125:764.8 U/ml; CA153:85.6 U/ml; WE+CT IIB 52 N CR
2/31 Abdominal pain CA125:94.4 U/ml; CA153:29.5 U/ml; WE+CT IC2 9 N CR
3/50 Weakness and weight loss CA125:2158 U/ml; CA199:149.7 U/ml; WE+CT IV 59 N CR
4/44 Abdominal pain Normal WE+CT IIB 6 Y PD (death)
5/59 Abdominal pain CA125:225.8 U/ml; CA153:64.2 U/ml; WE+CT IIIC 1 N CR
  1. CA125 Cancer antigen 125, CA153 Cancer antigen 153, CA199 Cancer antigen 199, WE Wide excision, CT Chemotherapy, FD Follow-up, N No, Y Yes, CR Complete response, PD Progressive disease