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Table 3 Clinical trial studies related to ctDNA in ovarian cancer patients

From: Prediction of the treatment response in ovarian cancer: a ctDNA approach

Clinical trial title Participants Date Interventions Recruitment Status Identifier
Plasma ctDNA detection in diagnosis of epithelial ovarian cancer. (ctDNA_EOC) 43 October 19, 2017 Diagnostic Test: methylation markers screening Completed NCT03155451
Study of circulating tumoral DNA in ovarian cancer. 25 January 23, 2017 Blood sampling Completed NCT01350908
Circulating tumor DNA guiding (Olaparib) Lynparza® treatment in ovarian cancer. 160 October 18, 2018 • Drug: Olaparib
• Drug: carboplatin + gemcitabine or carboplatin + paclitaxel or carboplatin + liposomal doxorubicin or liposomal doxorubicin 4-weekly or topotecan or paclitaxel weekly
Recruiting NCT02822157
Assessment of the minimal residual disease in ovarian cancer from circulating tumor DNA and immune repertoire. 100 August 3, 2018 Recruiting NCT03614689
Circulating tumor DNA as a marker of residual disease & response to adjuvant chemotherapy in stage I-IV ovarian cancer. 100 October 1, 2018 Diagnostic Test: Circulating tumour DNA testing Recruiting NCT03691012
Circulating tumor DNA as an early marker of recurrence and treatment efficacy in ovarian carcinoma (CIDOC). 150 September 26, 2019 biological sampling Recruiting NCT03302884
Study of the effects of pembrolizumab in patients with advanced solid tumors 94 March 21, 2016 • Biological: Pembrolizumab Active, not recruiting NCT02644369