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Table 2 differentially expressed genes of hsa- miR-9-5p in ovarian cancer tissues and normal ovarian tissues in GSE18520 dataset (Top 10)

From: Prospective pathway signaling and prognostic values of MicroRNA-9 in ovarian cancer based on gene expression omnibus (GEO): a bioinformatics analysis

DEGs logFC P.Value adj. P.Val
down-regulated genes
 MUM1L1 −6.262299987 4.62E-24 4.32E-22
 CALB2 −5.507761536 2.48E-41 6.45E-38
 VGLL3 −4.030605297 4.30E-16 7.52E-15
 RNF128 −3.930363883 1.39E-16 2.65E-15
 ANKRD29 −3.879855847 4.43E-30 1.54E-27
 SYT4 −3.848423623 4.75E-28 1.16E-25
 PEG3 −3.754622588 5.71E-12 4.33E-11
 ADH1B −3.653994292 3.68E-21 1.81E-19
 EFEMP1 −3.428021105 1.89E-12 1.56E-11
 ADAMTS3 −3.417352741 4.99E-12 3.83E-11
Up-regulated genes
 MCM10 2.742105511 1.65E-20 7.07E-19
 CTCFL 3.123690136 8.30E-07 2.61E-06
 INHBB 3.385619965 7.36E-15 9.97E-14
 FOXQ1 5.001861129 7.78E-15 1.05E-13
 NCAPG2 1.251323035 2.01E-08 8.26E-08
 LYZL1 2.351482953 4.01E-38 7.98E-35
 C2orf88 2.365573525 2.01E-08 8.26E-08
 LZTS3 2.419404533 2.90E-21 1.46E-19
 EHF 2.429320583 2.95E-17 6.47E-16
 PLAG1 2.408785627 5.21E-08 2.00E-07
  1. DEG Differentially expressed gene, FC Fold change