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Table 3 Cuscuta and Salvia active components list

From: Investigation of the mechanisms and experimental verification of Cuscuta-Salvia in the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) via network pharmacology

Herb MOL ID Molecule Name No. Molecular Formula
Cuscuta MOL000422 19 C15H10O6
Cuscuta MOL000098 18 C15H10O7
Salvia MOL001942 9 C16H14O4
Salvia MOL007101 23 C18H14O3
Salvia MOL007154 10 C19H18O3
Salvia MOL007045 16 C19H18O4
Salvia MOL007155 24 C19H18O4
Salvia MOL007088 25 C19H20O3
Salvia MOL007108 26 C19H20O3
Salvia MOL007120 7 C19H20O4
Salvia MOL007093 12 C20H18O4
Salvia MOL007141 21 C26H22O10
Salvia MOL007130 22 C27H22O12
Salvia MOL007111 11 C18H12O3