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Table 2 Knowledge about clinical trials

From: Knowledge and attitudes towards clinical trials among women with ovarian cancer: results of the ACTO study

  No. (%) a
Have you ever read on the Internet or in newspapers, heard on television or discussed with your doctor anything about a "clinical study" or "clinical trial"?
 Yes 202 (59.1)
 No 140 (40.9)
Do you know what the term “randomization” means referring to the investigation of a new drug or medical procedure?
 Yes 120 (34.9)
 No 224 (65.1)
Have you ever heard about "informed consent" in relation to clinical research?
 Yes 247 (71.8)
 No 97 (28.2)
Do you know that starting a clinical trial requires the approval of an ethics committee, made up of people with different skills, who assess the scientific validity, quality, and feasibility of the trial?
 Yes 202 (59.4)
 No 138 (40.6)
  1. aDiscrepancies in the total are due to missing values (less than 3%)