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Table 1 circRHOBTB3 in multiple cancer types

From: The molecular mechanism of circRHOBTB3 inhibits the proliferation and invasion of epithelial ovarian cancer by serving as the ceRNA of miR-23a-3p

Cancer type up-stream target down-stream pathway effects Prognosis Ref
gastric cancer / miR-654-3p/p21 / Proliferation
cell cycle
AJCC staging,
ductal adenocarcinoma
FUS miR-600/NACC1 Akt/mTOR proliferation
tumor size, vascular invasion, T, [13]
liver cancer / miR-18a / proliferation AJCC staging [10]
colorectal cancer / HuR/PTBP1 / migration, invasion staging, T, N, neural invasion, tumor size [11]
ovarian cancer / / PI3K/AKT proliferation, migration, invasion   [14]