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Table 1 Features different types of miRNA, their expression pattern, signaling pathways, functions, and target regulators

From: Role of different non-coding RNAs as ovarian cancer biomarkers

miRNA Expression Pattern and No of Clinical Samples Signaling pathways Target Regulators Function References
miRNA-1 Downregulated
5 non-neoplastic ovarian tissues and 13 ovarian cancer specimens
Akt, ERK1/2 c-met miRNA-1 takes part in tumor suppression by inhibiting the expression of c-met [24]
miRNA-124 Downregulated
13 pairings of adjacent non-tumor tissues and ovarian cancer tissues
SphK1 Downregulation of SphK1 is supported by miR-124 which suppresses migration and invasion of Ovarian Cancer [25]
miRNA-335 Downregulated
ovarian cancer tissues and non-tumor tissues in ten pairs
Bcl-W In epithelial ovarian cancer, miR-335 is responsible for poor survival [26]
miRNA-215 Downregulate
A total of 48 pairs of ovarian cancer tissues and non-tumor tissues were studied.
MAPK NOB1 NOB1is helpful in inhibiting the growth of tumor cells with the help of miR-215 [27]
miRNA-429 Downregulated
A total of 72 pairs of ovarian cancer tissues and non-tumor tissue were used in this study.
ZEB1 Cisplatin sensitivity increases due to Overexpression of miR-429 which help in reducing autophagy-related protein anti-LC3A/Band Anti-ATG7 [28]
miRNA-200c Upregulated ZEB1 Inhibition of EMT in CD44 + CD117 + CSCs is supported by miR-200c overexpression which decreases ZEB1 expression. [29]
miRNA-7 Upregulated
180 samples of ovarian cancer, 66 samples of normal ovarian tissue
AKT, ERK1 The overexpression of miR-7 in SKOV3 cells increases cell invasion and migration. [22]
180 samples of ovarian cancer, 66 samples of normal ovarian tissue
AKT/ERK1 In SKOV3 cells, overexpression of miR-7 increases cell migration and invasion. [22]
miRNA-137 Downregulated
There were 21 cases of serous adenocystic carcinoma, 14 cases of mucinous adenocystic carcinoma, and 29 cases of normal ovarian tissues.
XIAP miR-137 promotes Epithelial Ovarian cells to undergo cisplatin-induced apoptosis. [30]
miRNA-490-3p Downregulated
139 samples of ovarian cancer, 17 samples of normal ovarian tissue
  CDK1 Induced expression of p53 Cell cycle phases G1/SorG2/arrest and apoptosis is promoted by overexpression of MiR-490-3P and reduces cell invasion, migration, proliferation, and invasion. [31]
miRNA-145 Downregulated
38 samples of ovarian cancer, 9 samples of normal ovarian tissue
TRIM2 miR-145 mediates inhibition of TRIM2 which leads to the up-regulation. [32]
miRNA-92 -
3 pairs of ovarian cancer tissues and non-cancer tissues adjacent
Wnt/β-catenin, STAT3 DKK1 In epithelial ovarian cancer, the STAT3-miR-92a-DKK1 pathway has potential therapeutic applications for targeted therapy [33]
let-7d-5p Downregulated
76 pairings of non-tumor tissues and ovarian cancer tissues
p53 HMGA1 The proliferation in ovarian cancer cells is suppressed and chemosensitivity is restored through the let-7d-5p by activating the p53 signaling pathway and silencing HMGA1. [34]
miRNA-206 Downregulated
50 samples of ovarian cancer tissues
AKT/mTOR c-Met mir-206 could suppressor through c-Met/AKT/ mTOR signaling pathway [35]
miRNA-630 Upregulated APAF-1 miR-630 targets APAF-1 in re-sensitizing the cells to chemotherapy. [36]
miRNA-152 Downregulated
8 pairs of cancer tissues and adjacent non-cancerous tissues
FOXP1 The proliferation and migration in epithelial ovarian cancer cells are inhibited by miR-152 by targeting FOXP1. [37]
miRNA-142-3p Downregulated
There are 58 pairs of malignant and non-cancerous tissues in this study.
Sirtuin 1 The proliferation and chemoresistance in ovarian cancer could be inhibited by miR-142-3p by targeting SIRT1. [38]
miRNA-221 Upregulated
There are 63 pairs of cancer tissues and surrounding non-tumor tissues in this study.
APAF-1 The proliferation of cells in OC is promoted by overexpression of miRNA-221 by targeting APAF 1. [39]
miRNA-145-5p Downregulated
Hippo CTGF Lower expression of miR-145-5p in Ovarian cancer is reviewed as a biomarker for diagnosis. [40]
miRNA—199b-5p Downregulated
79 EOC patient
Notch1 JAG1 Acquired chemoresistance in ovarian cancer is associated with miR-199b-5p via activating JAG1/ Notch1 signaling. [41]
miRNA-141 Upregulated
132 fresh-frozen ovarian cancer samples
NF-kB p38a MAPK, YAP1, KEAP1 In ovarian cancer cell lines, miR-141 overexpression can increase resistance to cisplatin. It also modulates cisplatin sensitivity by targeting KEAP1. [42]
miRNA-424-5p Downregulated
surgical resection of 83 primary and 19 matched normal tissues
E2F1-pRB CCNE1 G0/G1 cell cycle arrest and proliferation of ovarian cancer cells are being done miR-424-5p by targeting CCNE1 mediated E2F1- pRb signaling pathway. [43]