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From: Evolutionary perspectives, heterogeneity and ovarian cancer: a complicated tale from past to present

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Web of Science Science Citation Index Expanded (SCI-EXPANDED) –1975-present (((TS = biological evolution) OR (TS = biologic* evolut*)) OR ((TS = clonal evolution) OR (TS = clonal* evolut*)) OR ((TS = Genetic Heterogeneity) OR (TS = Genetic* Heterogen*))) AND (TS = ovarian cancer) AND LANGUAGE: (English) Indexes = SCI-EXPANDED Timespan = All years
Pubmed (((((((((Genetic* Heterogen*) OR biologic* evolut*) OR clonal* evolut*) OR genetic heterogeneity) OR biological evolution) OR clonal evolution)) AND ovarian cancer)) AND English[Language]
Embase [embase]/lim NOT [medline]/lim AND (‘ovarian cancer’/exp OR ‘ovarian cancer’) AND (‘genetic* heterogen*’ OR ‘biologic* evolut*’ OR ‘clonal* evolut*’ OR ‘genetic heterogeneity’/exp OR ‘genetic heterogeneity’ OR ‘biological evolution’/exp OR ‘biological evolution’ OR ‘clonal evolution’/exp OR ‘clonal evolution’) AND ([article]/lim OR [article in press]/lim) AND [english]/lim