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Table 2 Gene chip analysis of FNAR.

From: Identification and characterization of a spontaneous ovarian carcinoma in Lewis rats

Gene Expression Profiling of FNAR Cells
Gene Description EST Accession # Relative Expression
Metallothionein I AW141679 11.38
Metallothionein II AW916991 3.56
Thioredoxin AW140607 3.07
Stathmin BF281472 3.23
b-myb RGIAC37 3.33
  1. Gene chip analysis of FNAR shows similarities to human ovarian carcinoma. RNA was harvested from FNAR and REH endothelial cell lines and analyzed by GeneChip at a Johns Hopkins core facility. Data are presented as the relative expression of the gene in FNAR compared to expression in endothelial cells.