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Figure 3

From: Metformin therapy in a hyperandrogenic anovulatory mutant murine model with polycystic ovarian syndrome characteristics improves oocyte maturity during superovulation

Figure 3

Reproductive and metabolic effects of oral metformin pretreatment during superovulation. For A-C, C = control, MF = metformin, PB = mature oocyte with polar body, GVBD = germinal vesicle break down oocyte, GV = immature germinal vesicle oocyte, frag = fragmented oocyte. Experiments were performed in triplicate. Error bars are SEM. A statistically significant increase in the quantity of ovulated mature oocytes (PB MF) and total number of oocytes ovulated (Total MF) was observed during superovulation in db/db mice compared to control (* denotes p = 0.018 and ** denotes p = 0.04, t test) (C). ob/ob and db/db mice demonstrated greater respective body mass (D) and testosterone levels (F) compared to WT mice. Metformin did not have an appreciable effect on any metabolic measure in any genotype relative to control (D, E, F). Different designated letters among genotypes in D, E, and F indicate statistical difference with p < 0.01 (ANOVA).

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