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Table 3 Patient Demographics recorded in the studies is tabulated below

From: Relevance of immunohistochemical expression of p57kip2 in epithelial ovarian carcinoma- A systematic literature review

Author No of EOC cases Age yrs Treatment status at surgery FIGO Stage of EOC Grade (G) Other mentioned criteria
Rosenberg E 53 <80 Naïve 2 & 3 only only G3 mentioned ECOG status
Sui L 47 16-77 Median 49 Naïve 1-4 G1 vs G2/3 Nodal status, ascites, residual disease
Khouja MH 171 21-70 Median 54 Naïve 3 only G1 vs G2/3 Ascites, residual disease and response to chemotheraphy
Guo J 103 18-66 Median 42 Naive 1-4 G1/G2/G3 Nodal status