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Table 1 Patients and IVF cycles characteristics

From: Individualization of the FSH starting dose in IVF/ICSI cycles using the antral follicle count

Variables n=505
Age, years (M±SD) 34.1±3.9
BMI (kg/m2) 21.86±2.7
Smokers (%) 17
Non Smokers (%) 83
Duration of infertility (months) 28.4±27
Type of infertility  
 Primary (%) 72
 Secondary (%) 28
Causes of infertility a  
 Male factor 38.7
 Tubal factor 12.3
 Unexplained 52
Total day3 AFC (M±SD) 9.6±5.8
day 3 FSH, IU/L ( M±SD) 6.3±3.4
Duration of stimulation, days (M±SD) 11.1±2.1
Total FSH administered, IU (M±SD) 2500±1050
Number of retrieved oocytes per patientb, (M±SD; median) 9.2±6.4; 8.7
  1. a some couples had more than one cause of infertility.
  2. b patients reaching pick up=468. 16 patients were cancelled because of absent response, 21 patients were cancelled because of high risk of OHSS.