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Table 4 MicroRNAs significantly altered (>1.5 fold) in ALDH1(+) cells compared with ALDH1 (−) cells in ovarian cancer

From: MicroRNAs overexpressed in ovarian ALDH1-positive cells are associated with chemoresistance

Name Absolute fold change P-value Chromosome Putative target genes
hsa-miR-424 1.98 0.02 Xq26.3 WEE1, CDCA4, USP15, LATS2, HIPK2
hsa-miR-346 1.95 0.01 10q23.2 PTPN18, LIF
hsa-miR-503 1.86 0.05 Xq26.3 CDCA4
hsa-miR-27a 1.66 0.03 19p13.13 GSPT1, CDS1, TAB3, SFRP1, MDM4, PRKCB, SESN2, FOSB, SMAD2
hsa-miR-23b 1.53 0.02 9q22.32 APAF1, PPP2R5E, PPP1CB, PPIF, REPS2, CHUK
hsa-miR-27b 1.50 0.03 9q22.32 GSPT1, CDS1, TAB3, PRKCB
  1. The target genes presented are predicted using the TargetScan ( and PicTarVert ( softwares.