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Table 4 The KEGG pathway of the genes in the Module A

From: RETRACTED ARTICLE: Investigation of the hub genes and related mechanism in ovarian cancer via bioinformatics analysis

KEGG pathway term Count Genes P-value
hsa04110 cell cycle 5 CCNE1, CCNB2, BUB1B, TTK, PTTG1 1.00E-04
hsa04114 oocyte meiosis 4 CCNE1, CCNB2, AURKA, PTTG1 0.001432
hsa04115 p53 signaling pathway 3 CCNE1, CCNB2, RRM2 0.008966
hsa00240 pyrimidine metabolism 3 RRM2, POLD1, NME7 0.017022
hsa00230 purine metabolism 3 RRM2, POLD1, NME7 0.041398