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Table 2 Molecular markers differentially expressed by OSCs and oocytes. Only few markers are maintained in the differentiating process. The cell membrane isoforms of Ddx-4 and SSEA-4 are detectable on OSCs [12, 15, 17, 2326]

From: Perspective in infertility: the ovarian stem cells

Ovarian stem cells Oocytes
Ddx-4 (cell membrane and cytoplasm) Ddx-4 (cytoplasm)
SSEA-4 (cell membrane and cytoplasm) SSEA-4 (cytoplasm)
OCT-4 A and B OCT-4 B
c-kit c-kit
DAZL (nucleus and cytoplasm) DAZL (cytoplasm)
Fragilis ZP (zona pellucida proteins)
CD133 GDF-9 (growth differentiation factor 9)
Stella NOBOX (newborn ovary hemeobox protein)
Nanog SCP-3 (synaptonemal complex protein 3)