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Table 2 Ovarian cell lines used in biomarker screening

From: The serine protease prostasin (PRSS8) is a potential biomarker for early detection of ovarian cancer

Cell line Source Tumor histology Grade Stage Derived from Oncogene
OV-2008 Dr.Stephen B.Howell, UCSD Endometrioid carcinoma - - Tumor N/A
2774 Dr.Judith Wolf, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Texas Endometrioid carcinoma 2   Ascitic fluid N/A
A2780 Dr.Stephen B. Howell, UCSD Ovarian carcinoma - - Tumor N/A
BG-1 Dr.Korach, NIH Adenocarcinoma - II Tumor N/A
CAOV-3 ATCC Adenocarcinoma - - Tumor FAM123B, STK11, TP53
CSOC 882 Dr. Karlan, UCLA Adenocarcinoma 3 IC Tumor EGFR, HER2,
DOV13 Dr.Robert Bast JR., MD Anderson Cancer Center Adenocarcinoma - - Ascites N/A
ES-2 ATCC Clear cell carcinoma 3 - Tumor P glycoprotein
HEY Dr.Stephen B.Howell, UCSD Adenocarcinoma - - Xenografted ovarian tumor KRAS + BRAF
IGROV-1 Dr.Stephen B.Howell, UCSD Adenocarcinoma 2 III Tumor N/A
OV-90 ATCC Malignant papillary serous adenocarcinoma 3 IIIC Ascites her2/neu +, p53
PA-1 ATCC Teratocarcinoma - - Ascites N-ras + (activated)
SKOV-1 Dr.Stephen B.Howell, UCSD Clear cell carcinoma - - Ovary N/A
SK-OV-3 ATCC Adenocarcinoma - - Ascites MLH1, CDKN2A, TP53,PIK3CA
SW-626 ATCC Adenocarcinoma - - Ovary N/A
TOV-112D ATCC Malignant adenocarcinoma 3 IIIC Tumor her2/neu +, p53
TOV-21G ATCC Malignant adenocarcinoma 3 III Tumor p53+ (WT)
UCI 101 Dr.Philip Carpenter, UCI Papillary Seous Adenocarcinoma - III Ascites and Tumor p-glycoprotein, EGFR
UCI 107 Dr.Philip Carpenter, UCI Papillary Adenocarcinoma - III Tumor N/A
FHIOSE 118 Dr.Cheng, Moffit Cancer Center, Immortal normal ovarian surface epithelium - - - N/A
IOSE 523 Dr.Nelly Auersperg, University of British Columbia, Canada Normal ovarian epithelium - - - N/A
  1. Nineteen cell lines that were generated from OVC patients and two cell lines that were generated from normal ovaries were used in this study. IOSE523 is a “primary-like” normal ovarian cell line. IOSE523 cells begin to senesce after 20 passages while FIOSE118 cells are immortal