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Table 9 Effect of Rutin-I (100 mg/kg) and Rutin-II (150 mg/kg) on thickness of thecal layer and peripheral granulosa layer in Letrozole induced PCOS rats after 36 days of experiment

From: Ameliorative effects of rutin against metabolic, biochemical and hormonal disturbances in polycystic ovary syndrome in rats

Thickness (μm) Rutin I Control Rutin II PCOS Metformin
Thecal Layer 27.56±2.10 21.25±3.09
 18.11±1.28a*** 16.78±1.25a***   
Granulosa Layer 22.00±2.55 30.00±2.73
 26.00±2.91 25.00±3.16   
  1. Values are expressed as Mean ± SEM
  2. ***=p< 0.001
  3. aValue vs PCOS