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Fig. 2

From: MRI appearance of ovarian serous borderline tumors of the micropapillary type compared to that of typical ovarian serous borderline tumors: radiologic-pathologic correlation

Fig. 2

Case 4 with SBT-MP. 27-year-old woman with bilateral ovarian SBT-MP. Sagittal T2WI (a) shows left solid papillary masses on the surface of multicystic masses with intracystic mural nodules. On axial T2WI (b), bilateral solid papillary masses demonstrate inhomogeneous slight hyperintensity and its internal branching architecture is partially detected as an inhomogeneous low signal branch-like structure is detected on T2WI (black arrow, a, b). A moderate amount of ascites (white arrow, a, b) and peritoneal implants (arrowheads, a, b) are present. After administration of gadolinium DTPA, the solid masses and peritoneal implants were “intensely enhanced” with the SI of the lesion equal to that of uterine myometrium (U) (c). On DWI, both ovarian masses are hyperintense (d)

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