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Table 3 Description of image study

From: Neurofibroma involving obturator nerve mimicking an adnexal mass: a rare case report and PRISMA-driven systematic review

Author Year of publication Description of Image study
Computed Tomography Magnetic resonance imaging
Topsakal et al. [4] 2001 Smooth-contoured hypodense lesion with intermediate contrast-enhancement T1-weighted image: intermediate intensity
T2-weighted image: high intensity with a well-circumscribed low intensity center. It was also partially enhanced with contrast-medium
Kim et al. [5] 2013 A well-defined, 1.6 cm sized ovoid retroperitoneal mass with intermediate contrast-enhancement Not mention
Dafford et al. [6] 2007 Low attenuating and hypodense mass lesion T2-weighted image: High signal intensity with a low intensity surrounding. Hypointense septations have also been reported
Shen et al. [7] 2016 Hypodense lesion and with partially contrast-enhancement Not mention
Ishikawa et al. [8] 1989 Well encapsulated homogeneous and hypodense mass lesion Not mention
Hunter et al. [9] 1988 Not mention Not mention
Cowles et al. [10] 1987 Not mention Not mention
Gupta et al. [11] 2015 Heterogeneously intermediate enhancing mass lesion with calcification Not mention