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Table 2 A list of the most common mutation sites in 31 EOCs

From: Next-generation sequencing-based genomic profiling analysis reveals novel mutations for clinical diagnosis in Chinese primary epithelial ovarian cancer patients

Gene CHR POS Ref Alt Count rsID
FBXW10 chr17 18,682,505 T C 2 rs1024657
KRTAP4–3 chr17 39,324,333 T A 2 rs12953139
TP53 chr17 7,577,539 G A 2 na
ZNF814 chr19 58,385,748 G A 2 rs145250945
  1. CHR chromosome, POS position of the mutation, Ref reference base, Alt alteration base, Count number of patients sharing a mutation, rsID (reference SNP) - number of known mutations in dbSNP database