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Table 3 KEGG pathway analysis of differentially expressed genes in ovarian cancer

From: Identification of significant genes with poor prognosis in ovarian cancer via bioinformatical analysis

Pathway ID Name Count % p-Value Genes
hsa04110 Cell cycle 8 7.62 7.31E-07 CCNB1, E2F1, CDK1, CCNB2, BUB1, TTK, BUB1B, CDC20
hsa04115 p53 signaling pathway 4 3.81 0.002934 CCNB1, CDK1, CCNB2, RRM2
hsa04914 Progesterone-mediated oocyte maturation 4 3.81 0.006123 CCNB1, CDK1, CCNB2, BUB1