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Table 1 Overview of investigational non-PARP inhibitors in EOC maintenance

From: Maintenance therapy for recurrent epithelial ovarian cancer: current therapies and future perspectives – a review

Trial name [ClinicalTrials. gov identifier] Drug Mono/Combo; Phase Patient population and key eligibility N Treatment arms Primary endpoint Results
GOG 212 [42] Paclitaxel Mono; Phase III Advanced EOC in complete response 1157 Pac IV or CT-2103 (PP) OS No improvement in OS; increased toxicities
ICON 7 [44] Bevacizumab Combo; Phase III Newly diagnosed early or advance EOC, first line 1528 C + Pac vs C + Pac + bev PFS and OS No improvement in PFS.
No improvement in OS: restricted mean survival time chemo vs bev group 44.6 months (95% CI 43.2–45.9) vs 45.5 months (CI 44.2–46.7); log-rank (p = 0.85)
Benefit only in high-risk subset: mean OS 34.5 months (95% CI 32.0–37.0) vs 39.3 months (37.0–41.7) (log-rank p = 0.03).
GOG 218 [43] Bevacizumab Combo; Phase III Newly diagnosed advance EOC 1873 C + Pac (TC group) vs C + Pac + bev (TCP group) vs C + Pac + bev followed by bev maintenance PFS and OS PFS improvement of 3.8 months (10.3 for standard chemotherapy, 14.1 months for the maintenance regimen), Median OS was not significantly different between arms
NCT02022917 [43] Bevacizumab Combo; Phase II Extensive stage IIIC or IV EOC 27 Postoperative PBC + adjuvant and maintenance bev AEs Ongoing; study completion Dec 2018
ATALANTE (NCT02891824) Atezolizumab Combo; Phase III Late relapse EOC 405 Atezolizumab in combination with PBC + bev administered concurrent to chemotherapy and in maintenance PFS Ongoing; study completion 2023
AGO-OVAR16 (NCT00866697) [30, 46] Pazopanib Mono; Phase III Platinum-sensitive maintenance in EOC 940 Pazopanib 800 mg OD maintenance in EOC patients who did not progress after one line of chemotherapy PFS Improved median PFS vs placebo 17.9 vs 12.3 months, respectively (HR: 0.77; 95% CI, 0.64–0.91; p = 0.0021)
  1. PP paclitaxel poliglumex, C carboplatin, Pac paclitaxel, PLD pegylated liposomal doxorubicin, PBC platinum-based chemotherapy, N patient accural, PFS progression free survival, OS overall survival, HR hazard ratio, CI confidence interval, TC Chemotherapy, TCP paclitaxel + carboplatin + bevacizumab, Bev bevacizumab, AE adverse events, EOC epithelial ovarian cancer, OD Once a day