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Fig. 1

From: Olaparib in the therapy of advanced ovarian cancer: first real world experiences in safety and efficacy from China

Fig. 1

Water plot of best response by RECIST1.1. Note: This is a water plot of the latest imaging evaluation in multi-line therapy group and exploratory therapy group, including 6 patients in multi-line therapy group and 10 patients in exploratory therapy group. Three patients in multi-line treatment group added anti-angiogenic drugs when developed progressive disease, two of them achieved stable disease after combined two drugs. In exploratory therapy group one platinum-resistant ovarian cancer patient with non-BRCA mutation achieved progressive disease after using Olaparib for one month and she died soon, which was not shown in the figure. Finally, the short-term efficacy of 9 patients in exploratory therapy group were shown in the figure

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