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Table 2 Functions of diverse beta-glucans and their application in cervical cancer

From: Functional activities of beta-glucans in the prevention or treatment of cervical cancer

Beta-glucanModel (In vitro, In vivo, Human)Outcome (s)Application in cervical cancer (Therapeutic / Prevention)References
SPGHuman studyPromoting the recovery of T lymphocytes and natural killer cellsTreatment (adjuvant to radiotherapy)[125]
SPGHuman studyIncreasing the survival and recurrence timeTreatment (adjuvant to immunotherapy)[126]
SPGHuman studystimulating a rapid recovery of the immunologic parameters impaired by radiotherapyTreatment (adjuvant to radiotherapy)[127]
SPGHuman studyIncreasing the survival and recurrence timeTreatment (in combination with irradiation therapy)[128]
SPGHuman studyIncreasing the number and secretion of TNF, IL-1 and IFN-gammaTreatment[129]
SPGHuman studyAugmentation helper T (Th) cell functions of pelvic lymph nodesTreatment[130, 131]
SPGHuman studyIncreasing infiltration of Langerhans cells and improving local response to radiation treatmentTreatment[132]
SPGHuman studyAugmentation of lymphocyte infiltrationTreatment[133]
SPGHuman studyAugmentation of lymphocyte and Langerhans cell infiltrationTreatment[134]
CurdlanIn vitroMore cytotoxicity and a broader distribution of loaded drugTreatment (as drug carrier for epirubicin)[135]
LBEIn vitroAnti-cancer effectsTreatment[136]
SCGIn vivoEnhancing the hematopoietic response, recovering leukocyte population in peritoneal cavityTreatment[137]
PG101In vivoInduces the differentiation of progenitor cells to granulocytes and/or proliferation of the committed cellsTreatment[138]
ZymosanIn vivoInduction in the activity of peritoneal macrophagesTreatment[139]
PBGIn vitroAffects on both humoral and cellular immune response by increasing the cytotoxic and helper T cells and the release of IFN-γTreatment and prevention[140]
LentinanIncreasing drug efficacyTreatment (combined with cisplatin and docetaxel)[141]