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Table 1 Clinical Data of the 12 Patients with Ovarian Dysgerminomas

From: Pure dysgerminoma of the ovary: CT and MRI features with pathological correlation in 13 tumors

Clinical features
 No. of cases (tumors)12 (13)
 Patients, age (mean)6 ~ 27 (17.2) years
 Tumor diameter range (mean)8.6 ~ 32.7 (17.9) cm
Tumor markers
 Elevated LDH (> 245 U/ml)4/4a
 Elevated ALP (> 135 U/ml)3/4a
 Elevated CA125 (> 35 U/ml)6/8a
 Elevated β-hCG (>3mIU/ml)4/4a
 Elevated AFP (> 25 ng/ml)0/3a
 Unilateral(R/L)11 (9/2)
FIGO staging
 Stage I9
 Stage II0
 Stage III2
 Stage IV1
  1. anumber of patients with the level of serum tumor marker available