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Table 3 Co-occurrence or mutual exclusive alterations of 4 hub genes

From: Bioinformatics analysis of gene expression profile of serous ovarian carcinomas to screen key genes and pathways

Gene A Gene B p-value Log odds ratio Association
KIF11 CDC20 0.008 1.971 Tendency towards co-occurrence
KIF11 TOP2A 0.039 2.269 Tendency towards co-occurrence
CDC20 PBK 0.326 0.440 Tendency towards co-occurrence
KIF11 PBK 0.492 0.350 Tendency towards co-occurrence
PBK TOP2A 0.559 −0.610 Tendency towards mutual exclusivity
CDC20 TOP2A 0.592 −0.229 Tendency towards mutual exclusivity
  1. The query contains 2 gene pairs with mutually exclusive alterations (no significant), and 4 gene pairs with co-occurrent alterations (2 significant)
  2. Log odds ratio > 0: Association towards co-occurrence
  3. Log odds ratio < = 0: Association towards mutual exclusivity
  4. P-value < 0.05: Significant association
  5. P-value: Derived from Fisher Exact Test
  6. Log odds ratio: Quantifies how strongly the presence or absence of alterations in gene A are associated with the presence or absence of alterations in gene B in the selected tumors