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Table 4 Clinical trials and participation

From: Knowledge and attitudes towards clinical trials among women with ovarian cancer: results of the ACTO study

  No. (%)
Select the three answers you consider most important before taking part in a clinical trial
 Full information on the advantages and disadvantages 296 (30.2)
 Physicians or health professionals for reference 234 (23.8)
 Confidence that the results will be useful for future patients 193 (19.7)
 A clear description of how it will be conducted and what participation implies (visits, extra costs, etc.) 190 (19.4)
 Information material to consult independently 39 (3.9)
 Insurance coverage 14 (1.4)
 Who finances the study (non-profit organizations or associations, pharmaceutical companies, private companies, etc.) 15 (1.5)
For greater security in the use of personal data collected during a clinical trial, you need to know … (select 2 answers)
 For what purpose the data is collected 221 (34.9)
 By whom, where, and for how long it will be stored 134 (21.2)
 Who has access to the data 94 (14.8)
 How participants' privacy will be ensured 88 (13.9)
 Consent will be required to use the data in other studies 56 (8.8)
 How to modify or withdraw consent to use of the data at any time 40 (6.3)