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Table 5 Involvement of patients’ associations in designing and planning clinical trials

From: Knowledge and attitudes towards clinical trials among women with ovarian cancer: results of the ACTO study

  No. (%)
Should the representatives of citizens and patients be actively involved in the design and planning of a clinical trial?
 Yes 237 (71.2)
 No 96 (28.8)
 Missing 15
If Yes, what role have representatives of citizens and patients (select 2 answers)
 Improve the information given to patients about the trial 96 (20.9)
 Facilitate patients’ participation in the trial 93 (20.3)
 Make suggestions for clinical trials of real benefit to patients 91 (19.8)
 Help with financing the trial 56 (12.2)
 Discuss the clinical trial plan to make it better 55 (11.9)
 Communicate the trial results 39 (8.5)
 Act as the spokesman for patients during analysis and discussion of the results 29 (6.3)