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  1. Research

    Suppressing miR-199a-3p by promoter methylation contributes to tumor aggressiveness and cisplatin resistance of ovarian cancer through promoting DDR1 expression

    Discoidin Domain Receptor 1 (DDR1) belongs to the family of collagen receptor tyrosine kinases that confers the progression of various cancers. Aberrant expression of DDR1 was detected in several human cancers...

    Yuao Deng, Fang Zhao, Liu Hui, Xiuyun Li, Danyu Zhang, Wang Lin, Zhiqiang Chen and Yingxia Ning

    Journal of Ovarian Research 2017 10:50

    Published on: 25 July 2017

  2. Research

    Enterolactone has stronger effects than enterodiol on ovarian cancer

    Ovarian cancer is one of the three leading gynecological malignancies, characterized by insidious growth, highly frequent metastasis, and quick development of drug resistance. As a result, this disease has low...

    Huidi Liu, Jianrui Liu, Siwen Wang, Zheng Zeng, Ting Li, Yongfang Liu, Emilio Mastriani, Qing-Hai Li, Hong-Xia Bao, Yu-Jie Zhou, Xiaoyu Wang, Sijing Hu, Shan Gao, Yingying Qi, Zhihang Shen, Hongyue Wang…

    Journal of Ovarian Research 2017 10:49

    Published on: 24 July 2017

  3. Research

    Ovarian preservation in adenocarcinoma of the uterine cervix

    An upward trending incidence in cervical adenocarcinoma (ADC) has been reported in many countries. Because non-squamous histology has been associated with increased risk of ovarian metastases (OM), bilateral o...

    Jiansong Zhou, Yuanyuan Chen, Ping Zhang and Hanmei Lou

    Journal of Ovarian Research 2017 10:48

    Published on: 24 July 2017

  4. Research

    Low oxygen tension increases mitochondrial membrane potential and enhances expression of antioxidant genes and implantation protein of mouse blastocyst cultured in vitro

    In human IVF, embryos cultured with a lower O2 tension (5%) can give rise to higher success rates when compared with normoxic conditions (20%). However, the mechanisms behind the beneficial effects of reduced oxy...

    Yun-Yi Ma, Huei-Wen Chen and Chii-Ruey Tzeng

    Journal of Ovarian Research 2017 10:47

    Published on: 20 July 2017

  5. Case report

    A gestational choriocarcinoma of the ovary diagnosed by DNA polymorphic analysis: a case report and systematic review of the literature

    Choriocarcinoma of the ovary is rare. This tumor can arise from gestational tissue or pure germ cells of the ovary, the former results in gestational choriocarcinoma. The clinical characteristics and histology...

    Nan Jia, Yan Chen, Xiang Tao, Enzhi Ou, Xin Lu and Weiwei Feng

    Journal of Ovarian Research 2017 10:46

    Published on: 20 July 2017

  6. Review

    Follicular Fluid redox involvement for ovarian follicle growth

    As the human ovarian follicle enlarges in the course of a regular cycle or following controlled ovarian stimulation, the changes in its structure reveal the oocyte environment composed of cumulus oophorus cell...

    Cláudia Freitas, Ana Catarina Neto, Liliana Matos, Elisabete Silva, Ângela Ribeiro, João Luís Silva-Carvalho and Henrique Almeida

    Journal of Ovarian Research 2017 10:44

    Published on: 12 July 2017

  7. Review

    Is the oocyte quality affected by endometriosis? A review of the literature

    Endometriosis is an estrogen-dependent chronic inflammatory condition that affects women in their reproductive period causing infertility and pelvic pain. The disease, especially at the ovarian site has been s...

    Ana Maria Sanchez, Valeria Stella Vanni, Ludovica Bartiromo, Enrico Papaleo, Eran Zilberberg, Massimo Candiani, Raoul Orvieto and Paola Viganò

    Journal of Ovarian Research 2017 10:43

    Published on: 12 July 2017

  8. Research

    Impact of oocytes with CLCG on ICSI outcomes and their potential relation to pesticide exposure

    Oocyte quality is a key limiting factor in female fertility which is primarily reflected in morphological features. Centrally located cytoplasm granulation (CLCG) is one type of cytoplasmic dimorphism exhibite...

    Philippe Merviel, Rosalie Cabry, Karen Chardon, Elodie Haraux, Florence Scheffler, Naima-belhadri Mansouri, Aviva Devaux, Hikmat Chahine, Véronique Bach, Henri Copin and Moncef Benkhalifa

    Journal of Ovarian Research 2017 10:42

    Published on: 10 July 2017

  9. Research

    Intravenous neutralization of vascular endothelial growth factor reduces vascular function/permeability of the ovary and prevents development of OHSS-like symptoms in rhesus monkeys

    Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) is a disorder associated with elevated serum VEGFA following chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) exposure in controlled ovarian stimulation (COS) cycles in women. In this stud...

    C. V. Bishop, D. M. Lee, O. D. Slayden and X. Li

    Journal of Ovarian Research 2017 10:41

    Published on: 6 July 2017

  10. Research

    Plasma levels of MMP-7 and TIMP-1 in laboratory diagnostics and differentiation of selected histological types of epithelial ovarian cancers

    MMP-7 and TIMP-1 may play a role in the pathogenesis of cancer disease. In this study we investigated plasma levels of selected metalloproteinase and its tissue inhibitor in comparison to plasma levels of the ...

    Grażyna Ewa Będkowska, Ewa Gacuta, Monika Zajkowska, Edyta Katarzyna Głażewska, Joanna Osada, Maciej Szmitkowski, Lech Chrostek, Milena Dąbrowska and Sławomir Ławicki

    Journal of Ovarian Research 2017 10:39

    Published on: 29 June 2017

  11. Research

    Validation of an automated technique for ovarian cortex dissociation: isolation of viable ovarian cells and their qualification by multicolor flow cytometry

    Ovarian tissue cryopreservation is a technique for fertility preservation addressed to prepubertal girls or to patients for whom no ovarian stimulation is possible before initiation of gonadotoxic treatments. ...

    Tristan Zver, Elodie Mouloungui, Aurélie Berdin, Christophe Roux and Clotilde Amiot

    Journal of Ovarian Research 2017 10:38

    Published on: 23 June 2017

  12. Research

    MicroRNA-130b is involved in bovine granulosa and cumulus cells function, oocyte maturation and blastocyst formation

    Oocyte maturation and preimplantation embryo development are controlled by array of genes that are post-transcriptionally regulated by microRNAs. With respect to this, previously, we identified altered express...

    Pritam Bala Sinha, Dawit Tesfaye, Franca Rings, Munir Hossien, Michael Hoelker, Eva Held, Christaine Neuhoff, Ernst Tholen, Karl Schellander and Dessie Salilew-Wondim

    Journal of Ovarian Research 2017 10:37

    Published on: 19 June 2017

  13. Research

    Age is associated with prognosis in serous ovarian carcinoma

    The survival duration of elderly patients with epithelial ovarian carcinoma is shorter than that of their younger counterparts. This variation in survival duration is likely attributed to differences in the di...

    Fei Deng, Xia Xu, Mengmeng Lv, Binhui Ren, Yan Wang, Wenwen Guo, Jifeng Feng and Xiaoxiang Chen

    Journal of Ovarian Research 2017 10:36

    Published on: 12 June 2017

  14. Research

    Androstenedione response to recombinant human FSH is the most valid predictor of the number of selected follicles in polycystic ovarian syndrome: (a case-control study)

    We aimed to test the hypothesis that the correlation of the changes in the blood Androstenedione (A4) levels to the number of selected follicles during ovulation induction with low-dose recombinant human follicle...

    Eser Sefik Ozyurek, Tevfik Yoldemir and Gokhan Artar

    Journal of Ovarian Research 2017 10:34

    Published on: 12 May 2017

  15. Research

    MicroRNA-205 promotes cell invasion by repressing TCF21 in human ovarian cancer

    Ovarian cancer is the leading lethal, gynecological malignancy in the United States. No doubt, the continued morbidity and mortality of ovarian cancer reflects a poor understanding of invasive mechanisms. Rece...

    Jun Wei, Lahong Zhang, Jennifer Li, Shuguang Zhu, Minghui Tai, Clifford W. Mason, Julia A. Chapman, Evelyn A. Reynolds, Carl P Weiner and Helen H Zhou

    Journal of Ovarian Research 2017 10:33

    Published on: 5 May 2017

  16. Research

    The effect of dehydroepiandrosterone supplementation on ovarian response is associated with androgen receptor in diminished ovarian reserve women

    Diminished ovarian reserve(DOR) is associated with female infertility and poor response to ovarian stimulation. Our objective was to assess the effect of dehydroepiandrosterone(DHEA) on DOR women and to explor...

    Qiaofei Hu, Liming Hong, Mingyue Nie, Qin Wang, Ying Fang, Yinmei Dai, Yanhong Zhai, Shuyu Wang, Chenghong Yin and Xiaokui Yang

    Journal of Ovarian Research 2017 10:32

    Published on: 4 May 2017

  17. Research

    Dasatinib + Gefitinib, a non platinum-based combination with enhanced growth inhibitory, anti-migratory and anti-invasive potency against human ovarian cancer cells

    Ovarian cancer is the leading cause of death for gynecological cancers and the 6th cause of women cancer death in developed countries. The late stage detection, the peritoneal dissemination and the acquisition...

    Benoît Thibault and Bertrand Jean-Claude

    Journal of Ovarian Research 2017 10:31

    Published on: 26 April 2017

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